Construction – Tippers, Mixers, Water Tankers & Compactors

SINOTRUK 44.290 - 4x4 Chassis Cab

Off-Road – All-Wheel Drive

SINOTRUK 64.336 - 6x4 Drop-side

Freight Carriers – Cargo & Drop-Sides

SINOTRUK 64.430 - 6x4 Truck Tractor

Long Haul – Truck Tractors

*available as LHD only


  • The 3rd largest Truck manufacturer in China.
  • Trucks are sold extensively throughout Africa.
  • All Rhd models homologated for South Africa.
  • Now available from SINOTRUK Centurion, an official Sinotruk Dealer.

AWD Trucks on Military Test Track

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